Victor Franken stein

As a devout fan of the original Universal monster films, I am always eager to witness a modern reboot of any of the many franchises. There is much room for variation and innovation in a film maker’s vision of what can be sewn from the primary seeds. Modern day writers, actors, and directors may all […]

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***Mea Culpa***

Hello, and welcome back to the House of Dread. I must apologize, and please do forgive me for not answering the door if you have come by in the past few weeks. I have been recovering from a severe case of rigor mortis in my extremities, and have not been in any acceptable condition for […]

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How often do I see a film, much less a horror film, featuring a protagonist who is, quite simply, unlikable? Well, not that often. Especially in the case of a slasher flick or some other variation of horror wherein the main character winds up being a “final girl.” You know, a virgin who doesn’t drink, […]

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Always Watching

I do not believe that it comes as a shock to anyone that the vast majority of “found footage” horror films are hardly worth the time and effort spent making them. Many are outright garbage, mimicking the no frills creation, sans visual effects, set in place by The Blair Witch Project years and years ago. […]

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Kill List

Prepare yourself for the least amount of time I have ever spent discussing a film. It will be short, but definitely not sweet. I just want to express my utter disappointment that this was yet another entry into the category of Horror Films That Have No True Closure With The Ending. The initial premise is […]

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Pickman’s Muse

As an unabashed fan of all things Lovecraftian, I was delighted to find another entry into the category of film adaptations of his work. I had never seen any production based on his short story, Haunter in the Dark. Alas, satisfaction was not to be mine. There are three things that simply ruin this film. […]

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The Veil

A common occurance when one is a lover of horror cinema is the encountering of terrible productions. As I have stated previously, one will find two decent films for every seven disreputable ones. There are many “tells” for the detection of low quality that may deter one from having to sit through such a stinker. […]

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