Enter the House



Oh, hello… welcome to the House of Dread.

Please, do step inside. You must be chilled to the bone. My name is Brother Stone, and I am the sole caretaker of the estate, as well as your host while you are on the premises.

Perhaps you recognize me from my days as the host of Chiller Theatre on WVII Channel 7 out of Greenhills, Ohio. Perhaps not. That program ran from 1953 to 1966 every Friday at midnight. It might have been before your time. Yes, those were the days. I do so miss it all.

Nowadays, I occupy my time watching any and all dark and wicked films that come my way. Whenever someone like yourself stops by for a visit, I am more than pleased to regale them with thoughts on my latest viewing, be they favourable or not. It matters little to me what era the movies are from, I simply enjoy the viewing, itself. From the early days of a young Hollywood to the most recent times, I am open-minded toward all moving pictures of a dreadful nature.

Please, do have a seat, and get comfortable while I compose my thoughts…