Kill List

Prepare yourself for the least amount of time I have ever spent discussing a film. It will be short, but definitely not sweet.

I just want to express my utter disappointment that this was yet another entry into the category of Horror Films That Have No True Closure With The Ending.

The initial premise is unsettling, but in a dark and subversive way. The set-up is great, the characters engaging, the acting is perfect, and the stage is set for the protagonist (a professional assassin) to meltdown on the job. We see the moral disintegration of the lead, and I assumed that that would be the heart of the plot. But, guess what… that is NOT the story. The whole thing goes sideways when, near the end, without warning, the viewer and the characters are immersed in a scene straight out of The Wicker Man complete with goofy masks and a sacrifice parade. No details, no explanation, no story flow. The protagonist just goes along with it, and other less central players who have populated the story from the beginning are quickly revealed to be a part of it… THE END. No climax, no full circle, no logic… just… THE END.

Either the writers, producers, or director of this film are horribly unskilled at their job, or this film was improvisation from the word go, and they couldn’t figure out how to end it.

I give two spooks out of ten for the acting, and for the chills created by what the viewer is led to believe is the disturbing plot. Other than that, the viewer is left with a confused sensation resulting from the credits suddenly rolling, and there is absolutely zero plot resolution. I literally just watched it, and I feel a bit like I have the cinematic equivalent of a woman forced to deal with her husband’s impotence: frustrated and unfulfilled. Do not bother with this one.


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