Sure, I will admit it. I fell for it. The bait and switch of a flick that firmly convinces you that it is one specific type of film that it is actually not. I am guilty. The movie Martyrs, a reboot of a French flick of the same name, opens with a pre-teen version of […]

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It has been quite some time since I have seen such a straight forward monster movie. A veritable creature feature, if you will. So many other films attempt to outdo themselves with psychological drama, subdued messages, and even repeated jump scares to the point that the waters of original intent become opaquely muddied. The old […]

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6 Souls

Oh, dear. I’m going to need to explain why a film that I was totally entranced by for the first hour or so completely soiled the bed due to one horrible plot choice. Firstly, let me state that the premise was very much in my wheelhouse. I’m a horror hound. That is to say, I […]

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Mischief Night (2013)

*Yaaaaaaaawwn* Oh… I do apologize… something has made me dreadfully sleepy all of a sudden. Let me begin by stating for the record that this is NOT the Mischief Night featuring the fantastic Malcolm McDowell that was released in 2014… which is what I originally believed that I would be viewing. No, this is something […]

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He Never Died

He Never Died is a highly enjoyable leading man debut for vocalist-poet-writer-punk icon, Henry Rollins. Sure, he’s had quite a few laps around the acting track, but this time his intimidating mug is front and center for the whole show. The vibe of the film has a mischevious bent to it, but I wouldn’t refer […]

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The Visit

At first, I was eager to see M. Night Shyamalan’s newest attempt at a cinematic comeback. I have enough of a soft spot in my black, old heart for his first four films that I am always willing to give his newest endeavour a fair shot. Sadly, though, he continues to let me down. The […]

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Enter the House

Oh, hello… welcome to the House of Dread. Please, do step inside. You must be chilled to the bone. My name is Brother Stone, and I am the sole caretaker of the estate, as well as your host while you are on the premises. Perhaps you recognize me from my days as the host of […]

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